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Be very careful when you fall asleep - You may not know that you're in the presence of one of the Awesome Foursome !
All the girls love a Gorilla - even little Russian girls who don't speak the same language.
These pair are not actually part of the Awesome Foursome - they are guides for the Ski Club of Great Britain, but we'll let anybody join in if they're kind to animals.
This is the Abominable Stakes, often found high in mountainous regions and recognised by the windswept look and hip flask in his back pocket. "It's a flask that's curved so you can put it in your hip pocket" as we were once told by a used car salesman from South of the Thames. "That's not a hip flask, THIS is a hip flask" replied King Kong Kilo, who produced one double the size.
The abominable Stakes looking windswept again. We're all immature Gorillas which is why none of us have silver backs although Monkey Mills does own a silver spoon.
This bunch of 12 crazy Englishmen went skiing wearing suits & ties. They were basking in their own glory when they stepped off the mountain train at Tignes in France - then they spotted four Gorillas sipping pints at a nearby table and joined everybody else who wanted to be photographed with the famous Awesome Foursome.
The Awesome Foursome at play, they are from left to right: The Abominable Stakes, Monkey Mills, Top Banana Taylor & King Kong Kilo
The Awesome Foursome being photographed by the press before their lap of honour around Valley Parade at half time during a Rugby League game between Bradford Bulls and Wigan Warriors.
Three of the foursome at Old Trafford, Manchester for the Rugby League Grand Final with King Kong Kilo using his opposable thumb to operate the camera.
The Foursome out for a night in Old York Old York although Monkey Mills was feeling very pale and looks more like a Womble.
The Abominable Stakes & Monkey Mills - way way out in front of the rest of the field in a powerboat race in Greece. Photo kindly supplied by someone called Bill.
The Abominable Stakes & Monkey Mills - even further out in front with a tight race for second place hotting up. Photo kindly supplied by someone called Rebecca.
The Awesome Foursome visit the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday 26th April to witness the complete an utter annihilation of Leeds Rhinos by Bradford Bulls (22-20). Photo kindly supplied by the The Iraqi Minister of Information.